Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'3' Release Details

The 3-day countdown to the “3” video premiere starts NOW! Here’s the deal: During the next 3 days, Britney will launch her video through a series of Twitter-focused events, culminating with the “3” video “Premiere Tweet” on Day 3 — Friday, Oct. 30. Are you in?

Day 1: Photo ReleaseThree never-before-seen photos from the final “3” video will be released via Britney’s official Twitter today — one photo will be sent out every 3 hours. Triple fun that way.

Day 2: Video ChallengeWe will release three 5-second clips of the “3” video starting tomorrow morning — one clip will be sent out every 3 hours via Britney’s Twitter. The clips will be sent out of order and will be available as downloadable .mov files on B fans will be challenged to piece together the three clips to form a 15-second video teaser. Now are you game?

Day 3: 3-DayOn Friday, Oct. 30, Britney will Tweet the link of the video premiere for your viewing pleasure. Livin’ in sin is the new thing.


Sweetness, I can't flippin' wait!

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